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ARC Connected Devices (Vital)

Contactless Thermometer for Hospital and Private Care - 5 Vital Signs
At a glance:

Vital Inc. (Formely Arc Connected Devices) hired Design 1st to transform their consumer grade touchless temperature product into a 2nd generation HIPAA compliant FDA approved portable temperature and vital signs monitor.

Early Concept Sketches of Vital Sign Monitoring Device
A working prototype was everything to us, but as a startup it didn’t make sense to invest in our own engineering team—we were moving fast. Yet, we found that few firms have engineers who both understand and support all facets of hardware and software design.
- Mark Khachaturian CTO 
Foam Mock-Up Prototype for Usability Testing
Full Scale Foam Mock-Up Prototyping Testing With Users
Functional Electronics Prototype With Vital Sign Monitoring Sensors
SLA material quick Prototypes - Ready For User Testing
SLA Functional Prototype Ready For User Testing
Finger Cuff Vital Sign Monitoring Prototype With Sensors
Finger Cuff Vital Sign Monitoring SLA Prototype Build
Pre-Production Prototype Ready For User Testing