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Armstrong Fluid Technology

Re-imagining a family of products for Armstrong
At a glance:

Armstrong outsourced their product design portfolio planning and design concept exploration to the Design 1st team. A refresh of their existing portfolio was needed and new product designs were required across their large product family of fluid pumping technology.

Updating the Brain - electonics control module interface updates
Design 1st should be commended for contributing to the overall vision of all lines of Armstrong product. The parabolic whiplash shape is coherent, innovative and embedded in the idea of science versus design.
Neil Halverson, Corporate Identity
exploded view
Typical Fluid Pump with a Control System - exploded view
Example Concept Design in 3D CAD -updated product using the updated bBand guidelines (style elements, materials, color contrast, visual simplification of forms, control module position etc)
Tradeshow Models - provided fast turn functioning prototypes for shows
Brand success support: debuts of new Armstorng fluid control products