Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar Promotional Truck
At a glance:

In six weeks, Design 1st transformed Gearwerx's vision for a Hershey 3D Chocolate truck through proven process, scale model prototypes,using our network in large scale prototyping and technical outdoor materials expertise.

Concept Sketches of Hershey Chocolate Truck
How do you deliver a campaign that involves moving one million Hershey chocolate bars across Canada in the five months of summer, transforming your mobile marketing concepts into a very technical solution in only six weeks? The right answer is you engage Design 1st. We looked for many months to find a partner, with time almost out they started and found a way to transform our exact ideas into a real “wow” experience.
- Adam Staff, President GearWerx
Scale Model Prototype Made with Toy Truck and Play-dough
3D CAD Model of Truck Bed, custom aluminum frame and pull out fridge for chocolate storage
Skeleton Frame Structure Built into Truck Bed (truck was rental, all attachments had to be secure but temporary)
Foam Material Placed Over-top Metal Structure (critical kniowledge from musuem and event stage design specialists on team)
Carving Hershey Chocolate Bar Out of Foam
Front View of Truck Build
Getting ready for fiberglass skin and chocolate color outdoor paint
Testing Chocolate Paint Colors or exact Hershey color chip match
Final Product Ready to Install Onto Truck
Pull out Refridgerator Bed - full of chocolate bars
Final Product: Hershey's Milk Chocolate Truck - 4 students hit the road for 4 months of summer across Canada giving out Hershey bars at community events and fairs. The design allowed for the WHITE rented pick up truck to be returned at end of season. The vinyl coverings and the removable chocolate frame/shell and refrigeration platform were put into storage. The promotion was so successful the campaign was carried out a second summer with a new rental vehicle.