Public Spaces - Interactive Touch Panel Kiosk - Rear Projection Display
At a glance:

GestureTek, a pioneer of interactive display technology approached Design 1st to develop a concept for a retail mall display kiosk using their IR multi-touch technology. The goal was to showcase the new product concept with a functional prototype to debut at the 'National Retail Federation Show'.

The output was a plug-and-play multi-touch vertical display system with a 67”screen that retailers could place anywhere without requiring a technician to install.

Early Stage Concept Sketchs of rear projector Retail Display Kiosk
GestureTek has evolved a sophisticated line of gesture control products that are fully engaging and can address any in-store need, whether it’s branding, informational touch screens or storefront windows.
Vincent John Vincent, President of GestureTek.
3D CAD - Mechanical Design of Structural Base Frame
Pre-Production 3D CAD - Outline of Assembly Steps
National Retail Federation Show - Product Debut 2010