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Revolutionary Desiccant Nanomaterial Transforms Humidifiers Into Water-From-Air Generators
At a glance:

Ireland based R&D ThinkTank Molecule choose Design 1st to transform a revolutionary desiccant nanomaterial into a commercial prototype for HVAC systems that can absorb moisture and output fresh water. The design engineering teams worked with Molecule to build an innovative dehumidifier using the desiccant that converts humid air into drinking water.

The fully functional prototype helped Molecule Win 2020 Innovation of the Year and successfully launch a pilot project at a South California mall.

Unique Dessicant Nanomaterial Developed at Unversity of Limerick's Bernal Institute
Design 1st actually delivers. I’ve worked with a few other groups before them, and those other groups often deliver what you didn’t ask for. This team has good internal communication between the different groups to make sure that there’s a good handoff.
Molecule CTO, Kurt Francis
Benchmodel testing of dehumidification properties of dessicant nanomaterial
Molecule - Fully Functional Air-to-Water Generator Using Dessicant Nanomaterial