Bentley Continental GT Concept Car
At a glance:

QNX choose Design 1st to help transform a brand-new Bentley Continental GTC into a concept car for CES (Consumer Electronics Show). The project involved removing the existing Bentley dashboard and integrating a 17-inch capacitive touchscreen that matches the existing car’s luxurious look and feel.

Product Teardown - Remove Stock Bentley Dashboard


"The era of multi-year design cycles in-car infotainment is over; our customers now want to develop at the speed of mobility. Case in point: we helped one customer slash their development effort down to 14 months - a massive improvement over the industry standard of 3 years,"
Andy Gryc, QNX Systems
Prototyping - Getting New Internal Dashboard Technology Ready for Install
Preparing for 17 inch Flatscreen Dashboard Installation
Intallation of TouchScreen Dashboard Frame Prototype
Design – Hand Stitching Bentley Leather Interior to Match Existing Look
Testing - Capacitive Touch Dashboard Technology
CES Presentation - Debut of QNX Concept Car