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SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment

Full-motion next generation seating for Universal Studio attractions in Hollywood
At a glance:

SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment specializes in high-tech entertainment systems serving the amusement industry. SimEx engaged Design 1st to design and engineer an innovative robotic chair system for a 4-D entertainment attraction.

Concept - 3D Rendering of motion chair concept
As our brand gets bigger, we are more conscious of what patrons to our theater installations see and experience. We want the whole experience to be aesthetically pleasing, Design 1st is very good at that.
Director Andrew Lee, SimEx-Iwerks
3D CAD - Mechanical chair operation
Pre-Production Prototype
Seating Inspection For "Fly Over Canada" Theater Ride Experience
Training "Fly Over Canada" Staff on Ride Experience
Theater Patrons Enjoy "Fly Over Canada" Niagra Falls Tour
Production Model in-use at Amusement Park