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March Telehealth

March Telehealth

Next generation virtual health monitoring device for rural communities.
At a glance:

Design 1st delivered a full working March Telehealth Kit prototype that was non-intrusive, user friendly, manufacturing ready and durable enough to withstand unmanaged environments in people’s homes.

Early Stage 3D CAD Concept of Telehealth Device
Design 1st was truly an extension of our team showing the same willingness, commitment, passion and pride in the successful delivery of the product.
Timon LeDain, VP Engineering,
Minimum Viable Product (MVP1) - fast prototype of telehealth device
MVP2 - Electronics integration for production intent unit version 2 for testing
Working MVP2 prototype with manufacturing strategy for assembly in place
Production Product Design With Off Tool Parts - patient using remote monitoring telehealth device and their television to interact with care provider who remotely controls device through a high speed wifi or cellular wireless connection to the box and instruments being used by the patient.